What are you up to this weekend?

I am going to try and finish one of these two books, both of which I started in anticipation of the films, and neither of which I have finished quite yet! (oops!) Both movies hit theaters 9/19.

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I will also be getting my annual hair cut this weekend (yup it has been one year since my last hair cut… I really need to work on that).

Have a fantastic weekend.


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Fall IS my favorite season. I don’t always know why, but I think in may be due to the fact that by the time it rolls around every year, I have missed the rain so much I could cry. This summer was pretty amazing, and I am hopeful that much of the positive energy from the last few months will roll right into the rainy season. True to form, I am keen on saying yes to some new experiences this fall, and carrying on some old traditions as well. Here is my quick and surely incomplete list of things to do this fall.

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Corn Maze at Sauvie’s Island
  3. Host a Friendsgiving
  4. Expand my Whiskey/Bourbon collection
  5. Run a few races
  6. Get a TV… this one is debatable.
  7. Hike more of Oregon
  8. Get out of state
  9. Perhaps cross the Canadian border
  10. More apple picking

What are you up to this fall?

I like the way you (net)work it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 6.50.14 PM

Are you a good networker? A good people person? Or just a good person to meet in line at the super market or on an elevator? No? Great me either! While I could really care less about my super market line ratatat. I will say that I have over the past few months made a conscious effort to step my networking confidence game up. Truth be told I love meeting people within my industry, also truthfully, I don’t always find it easy to talk about myself in social situations. (Que the anxiety PSA). That being said I have noticed, that like most things in life, the more you practice something, the easier it becomes. Moving to a new company where I didn’t know any of my immediate team mates has helped me not only break out of my shell, but also stretch my professional legs on the tightrope that is networking professionally, and oops maybe making some friends too!

I have found the following things helpful, I am nowhere near being an expert at networking, but these are just a few things that I have found helped me get out of my shell and break the ice. I have also found that even at higher levels within my industry, people still get nervous to talk about themselves sometimes, and it’s nice just to warm up and let them know that you are appreciative and energetic without being overwhelming.

Grish’s tips for not being a complete asshat at networking (asshattery is the scientific term for my early collegiate networking style).

  1. Do some googling before you go.Get on Linkedin and check out the person or people you will be meeting with. It is a lot easier to find someone in a crowded room if you know what they look like. Also do some conversational homework. Google News is a great place for the rundown of the days events, what is happening in the world/sports/your industry that you can start a conversation with to talk about something other than yourselves for a moment.
  1. Treat it like a date. Psych yourself up. In my former life I did a lot of Beyonce before leaving the house on days when I knew I would be meeting new teammates at sales meetings and company events. Wash your hair that day, wear deodorant and remember to brush your teeth.
  1. Be on time. If you are meeting with someone in their place of business be on time, 5 mins early is appropriate. If you are meeting someone in a public place, take all the time you need to be early. If you are meeting someone in a public place and know they may have multiple appointments that day, abide by the 5 minute rule… you can use any beforehand extra time to listen to Beyonce in the car. Arriving too early may make you think you are on your A game, but it may also stress out the person you are meeting with if they have a tight schedule.
  1. Know yourself. If you are there to ask questions, be transparent, curiosity is a great attribute, especially in creative industries. If you are there to network for a certain job, make your intentions clear in a direct but humble way. It can be awkward telling people what you want, but being forthcoming and approachable about feedback is a great way to not only beginning a network relationship, but also making you a better candidate for the future. 
  1. Notes. If you feel comfortable, take notes. Whether you have a sexy moleskin notebook, or just want to jot down some names of other contacts on your iphone, remember to do so. There is nothing worse than getting home and only being able to remember 3 of the 5 things you talked about. Also make sure you follow up with a thank you. Emails are great, handwritten notes are better when they are appropriate. Also do your best to keep track of personal information and interests, that way if you haven’t done any pop cultural Googling before a chance encounter you can start with “Oh hey! How was your trip to Bali?” and so on…

That is just a small rundown of some of the ways I try and prep to meet people and network. Here are some other great articles on the unique form of speed dating that is professional networking & making friends.

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How to Prepare for Your Next Interview

Pillow Talk.

How much sleep do you get every night? Or most nights? Okay weeknights?

PhotoI read this article yesterday, and it really got me thinking about my daily ZZZ intake, and how things have changed over the past few years.

I am a big fan of burning the midnight oil, also the early morning oil. Okay really though all the oil, except form 2-4pm when I am basically useless if left unattended or without work to do. I am pretty sure somewhere way back this was my prehistoric nap time. Anyways, what I began to think about was at the times when I was spread the thinnest, and sleeping less that an indulgent 8 hours, were some of the most highly successful and developmental stages in my life. They weren’t always the happiest, or stress free, but they were and are the times I look back on now and am thankful for having poured myself another cup of coffee.

That being said, I have recently gotten in the swing of choosing projects over sleep. Whether they are redoing something in my apartment, helping a friend edit a resume for a new job, or working on other things, I’ve found myself getting to bed a bit later than normal… and Shhh… I like it. (I still average about 7 hours a night in case you were wondering, or if you are my mother and were worried.)

Really though- are there things that you choose over sleep?

Ear Food.

Summer is coming to an end… and these are the songs I am feeling at the moment.

I’m on Fire- Mumford & Sons. I saw them perform this live last summer, and it has been one of my favorite covers ever since. I’ve always loved the original, but the folky nature of this one just hits me right in the heartstrings. It’s a bit more romantic than the Bruce version, and I like that.

Manhattan- Sara Bareilles. I love this song. I really don’t know what else to say here. I just really love this song.

Free Falling-John Mayer. This little cover was stuck in my head the majority of my vacation, and many moments since. A song about letting go and being free to fall all over again? Yup sign me up.

Brown Baggin’ it.

Is it just me? Or do you get that Back to School feeling when September rolls around? Even though I am not going back to school, and haven’t for a few years now, I still get nostalgic this time of year.

IMG_3648 IMG_4919 IMG_4499 IMG_4445  IMG_4357 IMG_4346 IMG_4299 IMG_4251 IMG_4242 IMG_4061 IMG_3967 IMG_3959 IMG_4300  IMG_3802 IMG_3792  IMG_3653

That being said, September was always a month of renewal, adventure and exploration. To celebrate the whimsy of childhood I decided to put myself on financial house arrest for the next 30 days… so whimsical.  Haaaaaa… Really though, a good challenge, meaning No Buy on anything beyond necessities for 30 days. With a strict social & entertainment budget of $100 ($25 a week? That is 2 drinks in Portland! GAH!)

Back to the adventure and exploration part… I am so excited to see what fun things there are to do in town for free. I love a good hike, a good concert in the park, and especially a good Netflix night with friends (especially if it is Jason Bateman night). I am also super excited to get into the kitchen and get creative for as many meals as possible.

I like to spend Sunday night in the kitchen, barefoot, listening to music. I like to get prepped for the week, and to be honest, I find cooking therapeutic and relaxing. This is the part of the challenge I am most excited about, less excited about possibly running out of mascara, and not going to Powell’s for 30 days…

Okay, Okay, Why? Because I like a challenge, I want to save up for some big life moments, and I want to build an arsenal of things to add to my routine to continue to build towards grown up things, like going to England and seeing a live taping of Top Gear… I mean Roth IRAs and making a larger contribution to my 401K.

The above images are mine, you can follow my food and my life on instagram @Grishley.