Oh, yeah I suppose the year is over now huh?


This year has been a year of transition, risk and gratefully reward. There have been so many things I am thankful for, and so many that I am thankful that I can now count as the past. I have absolutely fallen in love with my life this year, and feel a wave of content in quiet moments, that I have never felt before. I look forward to a brand new year of building, growing, and moving forward. To the same note I look forward to deepening the relationships around me. Laughing even more (if that is at all possible), and taking time to appreciate the stage of life that I am in.

Life is good. Happy New Year Everyone.


3P Me.

It has been a crazy week in love kids. A crazy crazy crazy week in love.


Two of the biggest loves of my life separated from their big loves this week, and just as if to reassure me that the real deal is worth it, two of my dearest friends tied the knot this weekend.

It was a very polar week, which got me thinking about the love in my life, the friendships and family I value, and the way all of it tends to collide in a somewhat chaotic but totally normal way. Being a witness to perhaps the most beautiful marriage I’ve seen, got me thinking about the unwritten vows we make to the ones we love. The less proclaimed, and yet sometimes more important ways we commit to one another. How we say, you’re on my team, with a text that says “I love you”. Or the way we say, I’ve got your back with a genuine “How’s you?”.

Thinking of my inner circle and admittedly recognizing how hard I am to get to know, I began to think about the things that I commit to when I finally let others in. I wouldn’t say that I am shy by any means, I do think I get quite anxious, but I am genuinely myself always. However true to form, I am an iceberg. A warm, bubbly, often inquisitive iceberg. There’s a lot more that only my people get to see. My people, who get to take ownership in me as a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a loved one.

My commitment to them is simple to remember and I’ve come to think of them as the 3P’s. Simply put they are The Pact, The Promise, and The Passion. Principles that are often my silent compass in navigating hard times, celebrating wins, and taking risks. I believe in giving what you intend to receive, but also choosing recipients that are worthy of your love. Not just your smile or your texts back, but your love. That gut check love, that all in love.

The Pact- I will never forget our friendship, I will never forget what makes us laugh, what drives us crazy, and the inside jokes that have knitted us together. I will be your right hand, I will stand beside you, and I will help you create the life you want. I will accept the help you have to give, and appreciate your efforts in the life we build together. I will be grateful for your faith, and remain balanced by your support, no matter how frequent it is offered. I will remember that we are both human, that we may argue, that we may bicker, and we may separate. The pact is made for every moment that I have you, and every moment that you will  have me, I will be your comrade, your confidant, and your friend.

The Promise-I promise to be myself. Every moment, of every day, as long as I am able. Just the same, I promise to let you be yourself, without excuse. I will accept you for who you are, who you want to be, and know that our friendship is an evolution, that change is necessary and constant. I will not become disheartened by change, but embrace the elasticity of our bond, drawing nearer when we are closer, and further when our roads run less parallel.

The Passion- I will love you beyond my kindness, beyond my compassion, beyond my patience, and beyond my own convenience. I will take ownership in the moments where I have failed you, and I will stay up with you until you feel safe enough to sleep. I will fight for you, I will root for you, and I will rest your wounds with you. I will cry in front of you, and turn off expectations of a choreographed life with you. I will give you all that I am as collateral for you to make the same investment. I will protect you, I will love you, and I will keep you safe. Whether you are down the street or a world away, I am here, always.

Just some things I’ve been thinking about.


While tip-toeing around the internet at lunch the other day, I stumbled upon this read, and was stopped dead in my tip-toeing tracks. I loved it. LOVED it.


The article & synopsis detail the development of Seth Rogan’s screenplay for the movie Neighbors. Specifically in developing the marriage of the lead character from a classic “uptight wife” & “useless husband” dynamic, to a loving friendship based relationship. Inspired by Rogan’s real life marriage, the on screen ensemble quickly contrasts the classic King of Queens style marriage that modern comedy has come to normalize.

Not only was I sincerely like “Duh!? Why haven’t other people thought of this” I did in fact remember saying “Rose Bryne is my homegirl” after seeing the movie.  Not because of her wild-n-out antics, but sheerly for her fun and loving relationship with her husband.

Now that I know where the on screen ratatat came from, I am even more in love with the portrayal of the marriage in this movie. Who’d of thought a movie with a shirtless Zach Efron would have left me in love with Rose Byrne.

Do you high five your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/life-partner/soul-mate?