Ain’t no Thang but Chambray!

When it comes to summer trends when you think denim you probably think daisy dukes or a mico-mini, but this season there is so much more where that came from.

Eunice (via Weardrobe)

The denim like Chambray look has been all over runways, lookbooks, and even Oprah’s couch… so you know this look is a winner!

Chambray is a hot look for hot weather because of it’s ultimate breathability! Why not get your western on with a chambray work shirt, or a cute romper! Chambray is also an easy care fabric that you can throw into the wash with everything else, and since this trend calls for a few wrinkles, you won’t even have to worry about ironing.

These looks from ShopBop will keep you looking hot all summer long, but at a bit of a lofty pricetag, so why not use them as inspiration for your next shopping trip. Keep your eyes pealed for not-so-little house looks that you can really sink your teeth into. Look out for chambray ruffles, loose bottom tanks and some ultra sexy feminine pieces that will have you wondering why you bought into florals after all.

For more affordable chambray looks you can check out these little lovelies from ModCloth! Not only are they what you have been looking for in a good summer chambray, but they are also more reasonably priced! These babies will have you looking stylish and effortless for the whole summer season!

But wait! Don’t forget about the boys! Men’s looks have been feeling the Chambray influence also! Work shirts, and classic button-ups are being redefined for that little piece of Johnny Cash in every man.

(This look via Weardrobe)

(Chambray looks for Men via Gap)

Prepping for Finals week and a hot summer! x0x0-Grishley

Inspiration is as Inspiration does…

Finals are coming up, and that means the posts will be getting shorter, but in an effort to try and give you lovely readers something nice during dead week, I though I would start things off with a bit of inspiration. The following pictures are some of Grishley’s favorite movie dresses, actresses, political figures, role models, and other phenomenal people.

Go ahead… get inspired. xoxo-Grishley.

Tater Salad!

With someone down south jarring about how much they love their ducks, it is about time for OSU to have a fan uprise, and why not for a good cause!Not only should everyone that loves OSU football be in love with Coach Riley for choosing Corvallis over Cali, but who doesn’t love a shirt with his face on it that benefits the community!

This Loyalty Tee, along with several others are available online from PotatoSaladOverSneakers. PSOS, who is not affiliated with the university in any way is printing these puppies out, and donating $3 from every shirt sold towards OSU athletic event tickets for the Northwest community.

Not only will the shirts be a great addition to that black and orange section of your closet, but they will also help out the community. The shirts will run you about $18, but what is $18 when it comes to helping out the community, and also showing your support for OSU Athletics especially football!

“Potato Salad Over Sneakers is a place for all the true OSU believers. It’s a place for the students, alumni, fans and supporters who want to come together and show who we are and how strong we can be. It shows that we are loyal and we appreciate what we have. We don’t measure our success in dollar signs and uniform combos, but rather what we make of what we have. We work hard to make our institution better, together. We believe in the way we do things, we’re comfortable with who we are, and we’re better than they are!”PSOS Project.


Why we love SEX…and the City!

Ladies, ladies, ladies… this is why we love them!

If you haven’t got your hot little hands on the pictures from the New York Premier of Sex and The City 2, then this post is just the thing to get you through the week! Or at least till Thursday night when this movie finally hits theaters near you!

Not only are the ladies back and looking just as hot as ever, but they also gave their on screen alter-egos a firm run for their money last night on the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall!

In such a Samantha way, Kim Catrall stepped out in a phenomenally sexy nude dress embellished head to toe in sequins! Ms. Catrall put the sex in the city with a beautiful combination of red lips, red nails and diamonds diamonds diamonds!

The deep V-neck of Catrall’s gown not only played up her legendary cleavage, but also made 50-somethings everywhere re-commit to their Pilates class.

If there is a style tip here to steal from Ms.Catrall it is that less is more, if you are going high powered cleavage, then choosing a neutral tone can help keep you out of the worst dressed section!

You may know her as Miranda, but Cynthia Nixon also brought her A-Game last night in a beautiful floor length evening gown. The structured black busier not only showed off Nixon’s fabulous figure, but also accented her beautiful skin tone and new found blonde locks!

If she wasn’t your favorite sorority sister before, maybe she is now. Taking a hint from Charlotte’s uber-girly wardrobe, Kristen Davis slipped into a neon pink lovely that not only highlighted her gorgeous smile, but also her toned bod!

Now when it comes to neon there was no missing the lady of the hour! Sarah Jessica Parker reminded viewers why they adore her last night in a beautiful neon gown!

Not only did SJP pick a fabulous color, but she also chose a fantastic cut. This Asymmetrical lovely is not only eye-catching, but also just revealing enough to keep us wanting more!

Now just to hold you off until Thursday here are a few more pics from the film!

See you there! xoxo-Grishley

Oh Tommy!

These shoes are not your grandmother’s Keds!

 TOMS shoes have been around for a few years now, and not only do they have a heartfelt marketing team that produces those fabulous commercials that always bring a tear to Grishley’s eye, but they also have a great line of fabuolously comfortable shoes! 

TOMS shoes has quickly become famous for providing a true One for One deal with their killer kicks! When you purchase a pair of TOMS sneaks not only do you get a great pair of shoes to run around in all summer, but you also donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

TOMS shoes recently dropped their first Rawandan shipment of shoes providing 1,000 pair of shoes with another 32,000 pairs on the way! Not only is the TOMS mission a philathropic one, but it is also a fashionable one.

The new line of Spring TOMS are linen based for breathability and come in a range of fabulous colors, including Maroon, Light Blue, and Yellow.  TOMS also has a great sellection of patterned shoes similar to the VANS brand, but in more safari themed motifs. These pairs will set you back about $58.

TOMS are pretty inexpensive considering for their price you are actually getting two pairs of killer sneakers, and not having to pay a single dime of shipping to get them on some needy feet. A new pair will run you about $48, but is totally well worth it!

For more information and purchasing info for TOMS shoes, check out their website!


Got my TOMS on cause they look like sneakers!



Oh… Just One Piece for Me.

If you thought one piece swimsuits were out, then think again.

Not only are one piece bathing suits totally on trend for this coming summer, but they are also going to be a great addition to any swim stock you have at home, not only are one pieces fully functional for more athletic water activities, they have less of the scare factor for any water slides you might end up on!

Both of these lusciously sexy bathing suits are from Victoria Secret. They range in price from $78-$125, and are both available online. Victoria Secret, who is known for their swimwear will not only hook you up with a great one piece, but can also get you into a great bikini! Check out the Semi-Annual Sale that is going on right now for great deals!

GRISHLEY EXCLUSIVE TIP! if there was ever any advice that a  good friend never gave you here it is.

When shopping at Victoria Secret, don’t wait till the end of a sale to find something amazing at the furthest markdown, go in on the first day get everything that you want and HOLD ONTO YOUR RECEIPT! Victoria Secret does price adjustments even on their sale items, so even though you pay at a 40% markdown when you purchase, if you take your receipt in on the last days of their sale (when everything is 75-80% off) you can have the difference paid back to you! Just a little tip to get what you want at the price you want!

Moving right along to more lovely one piece swimsuits! These babies are from Old Navy, and are on for $19! They come in a wide range of colors and prints that will go great with your already budding spring and summer collection.

The range of one-piece suits doesn’t stop there! This lovely emerald beauty is from ModCloth! It will set you back about $89.99, and also comes in a great plaid color!

If you are looking a swimsuit that won’t break the bank, check out these lovelies from Target. They are not only right on trend, but are structured well enough that you could throw on a great sarong and take them to dinner (ahhh vacation anyone!?) These babies will set you back about $28-$35, but will get you through the summer season in style.

Here’s to a hot summer all in one piece! xoxox-Grishley

Weardrobe Harvest!

If you haven’t checked out Weardrobe lately, then shame on you!

Weardrobe is one of the most easily addictive fashion sites for pulling together a quick look idea in a flash!

Weardrobe features bloggers, and other fashionably phenomenal people on their home page, and with ease you can easily take a peek into someone’s entire lookbook! So just for your viewing pleasure Grishley has harvested some of her favorite Weardrobe looks from recent weeks!

Not only is Weardrobe a great place to steal looks from some fashionable folk, but you can also create your own Weardrobe account and start your own look book! It is a bit of a fashion Facebook giving you the ability to “Like” certain looks, and comment on others!

Just a little taste of the fashion crop available for your inspiring pleasure on Weardrobe!


Hot Hot Halston

After a very dreary winter. It is indeed springtime, and with spring comes great new looks!

In taking a little peak at the Spring collections for 2010, Grishley absolutely fell in love with Halston’s collection for the sunny season.

Halston has for Spring created exactly what the fashion world has been looking for all year. A bit of fresh air. A breath amidst heavy collections feeding on the global economic situation. With a slight pause however Halston has delivered an effortlessly cohesive collection that blends together passionate colors with a new found innocense in metallic neutrals. This collection is phenomenal.

Halston has chosen an amazingly clean and diverse collection with looks ranging from daytime to night. Feeding off the inner-goddess in every woman this collection is for sure to trickle down into department stores everwhere come summetime. The collection features weightless gowns, and dresses as well as chic jumsuits and rompers. The perfect one piece outfits for few months of warm weather.

For more of Halston’s Spring collection check out



A Spring Show to remember…

The following photos from the senior exhibition and show ICONOGRAPHY, help tell the tale of hard work, time spent at the sewing machine, and a true love of the art of fashion. These photos were taken by a good friend of Grishley; Steven Tallman. Hope you enjoy!


The Always Sexy Berry White

One upgrade, one broken Samsung Impression, four trips to AT&T and countless hours on the phone with the runaround formarly known as “Customer Care” at AT&T, Grishley‘s negotiating skills, and no nonsense attitude landed her a beautiful brand new Blackberry at the best cost of FREE!

Now upgrading your phone can sometimes be just as serious as relationship commitment, afterall you get locked in for two whole years, unless  you wanna get out early and then have to pay some lovely severance payments just to smooth it all over. So when it comes down to picking the right phone, Grishley had a lot to think about.

After years of trolling around the world (or Oregon at least) with my always reliable Blackberry Curve, I knew switching to a new interface would be difficult, but I didn’t know how difficult. Not only was switching to the Samsung Impression a complete pain, but the phone I recieved didn’t funciton properly. Uhhhh HEADACHE!

So I took my Impression back, and wiggled my way into a free Blackberry Bold 900o in White from AT&T! (BAM!) Not only is this baby attractive, but also comes with a spiffed up version of the traditional Blackberry interface! The phone also has a killer camera, and some of the most amazing speakerphone options ever!

This model has the classic Blackberry trackball, the last model to feature the little roundy thing, but great things are on their way from the Blackberry  bush if you are thinking of upgrading!

The newest model of the Blackberry Bold (Which gets the name “Bold” from its amazing screen features!) features the new trackball technology as well as the classic QWERT keyboard (it means it has buttons). It is currently available in black, but on the down low will be coming out in white soon as well.

If color is more your thing then check out the Blackberry Curve in all of these cool colors!

Happy Blackberry-ing!-xoxo Grishley